Environmentally Sustainable Practices

Our Environmental Best Practices

​Jupiters Gold Coast is committed to environmental best practice while maintaining the highest level of comfort and service.

The Queensland Water Commission has recognised Jupiters Gold Coast as a ‘conservation champion’ for drastically reducing water consumption by an impressive 40 percent since 2003.

Jupiters Gold Coast has its own on-site water treatment facility, Water Efficiency Management Plan and dedicated Water Committee and saves a massive 96 ML every year through the use of recycled water on public gardens and in restrooms.

Other key water saving initiatives include: 

  • Water efficient fittings on all showers, taps and urinals
  • 6/3 dual flush toilet
  • Plans to implement facilities for Rain Water Harvesting with potential savings of around 3.2 mega litres per year
  • The planned introduction of recycled water for the hotel’s laundry processes. Construction underway on a new, $500,000 Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant right here at Jupiters Gold Coast

Other environment friendly practices include:

  • Newspaper & cardboard box recycling
  • Glass bottle recycling
  • Printer cartridge recycling
  • Replacement of over 14,500 existing halogen lamps with new energy efficient IRC lamps to increase energy savings by up to 45%
  • No change option for guest linen
  • Public transport options from the Hotel door
  • Useable paper products donated to local charity
  • Phosphate free chemicals used for all cleaning
  • Collection of green waste (vegetable & fruit trimmings) recycled for animal feed
  • Recycling of chemical and other packaging containers for re-use by suppliers
  • Pressure washers used in cleaning kitchens and back of house areas to minimise water usage
  • Old uniforms donated to World Vision